Paid Traffic Management

Optimized Keywords

ClickCentric selects the best performing keywords for your business; balancing cost & relevance. Our in depth research allows us to optimise your ad spend for the highest amount of new clients.


Unlike other marketing strategies, PPC allows you to see results instantly. Once the campaign is live, users will be driven to your site in a matter of hours; this provides an instant boost in revenue and business.

Targeted Prospects

PPC advertising allows you to hone in on your ideal customer and target them when they are looking for your service. Very few other marketing channels allow this level of targeting and control.


ClickCentric uses talented writers to produce effective copy for your adverts. Through increasing the quality of the adverts, we lower overall costs to you as a company & increase potential conversions.

Instantly Target Potential Customers

Paid traffic advertising with Google & Facebook is one of the most effective ways of driving buyer traffic into your business. There are very few strategies that work as well. Paid traffic is also one of the best ways to LOSE huge amounts of money – if not done properly. Profitable management of Google Ads and Facebook Ads are ever-changing disciplines that require hands-on experience, on-going training and a deep understanding of technology as well as human-behavior and effective copywriting.


There is a formula for finding keywords that produce the highest ROI’s, as well as a formula for scaling campaigns to exponential profitability. While the big platforms like Google and Facebook encourage a “set it & forget it, let us take care of it for you” strategy, we find that hands-on management produces the best results by far. If you’re brand new to paid traffic advertising, or if you’re currently using Google Ads or Facebook Ads in your business and would like additional resources to take your campaigns to the next level, give us a call. We can advise on which platforms will show the best ROI for your specific industry, niche and location.


For most businesses, the best results are produced when we implement a custom combination of online advertising platforms and different campaign types within each platform.

What is our strategy?

  • We sit down with you to find out more about your company
  • We integrate into your existing sales funnel
  • We pick the right platform & brainstorm keywords based on your goals
  • We optimise & split test your landing pages for maximum conversions
  • We provide reports based on how your ads are performing

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